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Conch Salad is Better in the Bahamas!

Feb 05, 2018

The Tu Tu Island Life is a must while visiting the Bahamas and it looks like the experience has just gotten a lot closer. Stroll on over to Da Conch Shack for a flavor of Nassau. This open-air, beach joint is as authentic as it gets, serving up Conch Salad, a local favorite. This refreshing salad is not full of leafy greens, but instead made with with meaty chunks of conch, onions, peppers, juicy lime and a touch of goat pepper to kick up the heat! Sip on a Kalik or throw it back with a Sky Juice and watch as your conch salad is made right before your eyes, using fresh farm and sea-to-table ingredients. It’s true when they say "It’s Better in the Bahamas"—a purely one of a kind moment. Da Conch Shack is open from Thursday to Sunday, 12:00pm until 6:00pm. Can’t wait to catch up on the Sip Sip down by the ocean.

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