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Come to the Coolest Film Festival in the World

Share your time this winter equal parts basking in the sun and attending one of the ‘Coolest Film Festival in the World.’

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Bring in the Holidays with Bahamian Spirit

“Rush” your way into the holidays with the rhythms of Junkanoo. Each year, the islands of the Bahamas eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas and New Years.

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Sip Back in Sandyport

Sip back, relax, and get into the Caribbean mood while you relax beachside, cocktail in hand. All things in the islands are crafty and authentic — but it is important to make sure you dive right into the Bahamian cocktail pool while visiting Nassau. Check out these local cocktails while visiting Sandyport,and be sure to get the local sip sip (gossip) from the bartender.

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Plait the Day Away

Buying gifts and souvenirs is one of the best parts of traveling, and if you are looking for something that is authentic to the Bahamian Islands, look no further than something made out of straw. 

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Guarding the Traditions of Nassau

Get your fix of history and rich culture while visiting Nassau and witness the changing of the Guards, a small piece that was left over from when the British Empire ruled the lands. 

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