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Bring in the Holidays with Bahamian Spirit

Nov 03, 2017

“Rush” your way into the holidays with the rhythms of Junkanoo. This exhilarating celebration of freedom is like no other with bright, colorful costumes, high energy performances and the sounds of cowbells, goombay drums, whistles and brass bands all in the magic of the night. Each year, the islands of the Bahamas eagerly anticipate the arrival of Christmas and New Years when six major Junkanoo Groups and smaller “scrap groups” compete for serious bragging rights and monies.

The Junkanoo Parade begins between midnight and three in the morning on Boxing Day and New Years Day. This traditional procession dates back to the 17th century when slaves had only three days off and took to the streets to celebrate. Today Junkanoo is a celebration of National Pride that is synonymous with the Christmas season. Come watch the dancers paint a colorful story along Bay Street while listening to the beats of the island once the band rolls out and plan to party all night long! Planning to take the family? Then wake up early and watch the parade as the sun rises in the early the morning.

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