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Find Sweet Serenity in Nassau

Oct 07, 2019

Escape your island retreat for a botanical one, while never leaving the paradisiacal island of Nassau. The Retreat National Park is a unique garden that is tucked away in a quiet residential area. Home to the largest palm collection in the entire world, some visitors don’t even know it exists. There are 11 acres of pure flora beauty and excellent bird spotting opportunities. The Retreat National Garden was a private estate until converted into a National Park in the 1970s—and is a highlight of Nassau that should not be missed!

This garden is an excellent escape for those who want to explore not just the natural beauty of the Bahamas but also the unchartered areas. The Park is easily accessible by the local #11 bus from the city center and will bring you through areas of Nassau that you might not otherwise get to see. Pack a lunch and a camera and try a different type of island excursion during your stay in the Bahamas. The Retreat is open to the general public Monday - Friday. Guided tours are available or you can take a self-guided tour with provided Maps.