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Flying Over to the Fish Fry

May 07, 2018

If you come to Nassau you cannot leave without a taste of the islands. The sip sip (or gossip) is that after “Da Conch Shack” at Sandyport, the Fish Fry at Arawak Cay is the second best spot for local food. Established in the 1980’s by a group of local fishermen, this al fresco fish market soon grew from a bunch of driftwood seaside stalls to a thriving collection of local restaurants that are popular with both the locals and tourists alike.

If you ask any Bahamian from Nassau where to grab a bite, they will immediately direct you to the fish fry. Chow down on everything conch — conch fritters, cracked conch, conch salad, and conch soup just to name a few. If conch isn’t your calling your name, you can find amazing seafood delicacies like buttery grilled shrimp, fresh crawfish (Caribbean lobster), and fresh fish. Join our Bahamian Night at The Fish Fry Dinner and Entertainment tour or take a stroll down this colorful food paradise and food and bar hop at your leisure. We promise you won’t leave with an empty belly."

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