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This February, Take A Leap of Love

Feb 03, 2020

February is all about showing the love. With Valentine's Day just around the corner and it being Leap Year, we decided to switch up the traditional romantic gesture just a bit. During every other day of the year, men are typically in charge of the grand romantic gestures, but on a Leap Year, tradition states that women should be the ones to fulfill these sweet acts of love.

One of the major traditions around the world is that women are meant to propose to men on this day, as an act of balancing the roles of men and women, just as the Leap Day is meant to balance the calendar. Sandyport wanted to get in on the fun—ladies, if you book a stay for you and your loved one during the month of February, you will receive 29% off your entire stay as well as a complimentary bottle of champagne upon arrival. We love all things folklore and tradition here in the islands and we are happy to share the love with you too! The full details of our promotion are listed here!

We’ve provided information about our resort regarding travel, health, safety, and social distancing. See you soon!
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