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Love from the Lucayans

May 01, 2017

Behind the crystal clear waters and colorful buildings of the Bahamas is a story. A story that has been curated long before the Spaniards came to the “New World” and before the rest of the world began to marvel over its beauty. The Islands of the Bahamas have forever been a place of acceptance, love and kindness. The original inhabitants of Nassau were the Lucayans or simply known as the “Island People.” They inhabited the island for over 500 years and were always quick to welcome new settlers.

During the gold rush, the island was invaded multiple times by European settlers and pirates in hopes of hitting a giant “treasure chest.” Eventually, without any luck the sailors would pack up their ships and be on their way to their next great feat. Although most settlers were more of a nuisance, the Bahamian people never let that change their spirit. The Islands of the Bahamas are not just a pretty to look at, it is also beautiful to feel. 

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