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Runnin' All Over Nassau

Jan 06, 2020

Nassau is one of the most dynamic islands of the Caribbean. In many ways, we are a top destination for travelers because of our beaches, marine life, and fabulous weather, but in mid-January, you will see a lot of people traveling to Nassau for a different reason. Marathon Bahamas Race Weekend is just around the corner, and soon our island will be running (literally) with athletes from all over the world. Since the Bahamas is one of the most desired vacation spots in the Caribbean, it comes to no surprise that it doubles as a highly-coveted running location too! Boasting mild weather and flat terrain, Marathon Bahamas is an extremely desirable race to run. There will be four different types of races taking place on the weekend of January 17th, varying in length and skill, and our course has even been certified as a Boston Marathon Qualifier. Come out for one of the shorter runs or come to the course to cheer on the runners. No matter if you are competing or supporting, it's sure to be a beautiful, sunny weekend in Nassau!

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