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Bahamian Artwork prominently featured at Sandyport Beach Resort

Oct 01, 2018

Bahamian artwork is prominently featured throughout Sandyport, and this original 92-foot marine life mural is not to be missed. Inspired by the amazing array of wildlife in the Sandyport canals, Bahamian Artist, Atilla Feszt has captured the natural beauty of Nassau and all of the Bahamas.

Atilla's art and design work is known for its bold elements and original patterns, making it perfect for such a large scale piece of work. Be sure to stop by to admire Attila Feszt’s alluring mural as you stroll along the canal walk to the ocean beach, and see just how many sea creatures you can spot. You can check out additional artwork and learn more about him here.

We’ve provided information about our resort regarding travel, health, safety, and social distancing. See you soon!
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