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Talkin’ Bahamian with Sip Sip

Jan 09, 2018

To many, ‘sip sip’ is just a way to taste your cocktail, but here in Nassau, it's the way to stay current on all the latest news and happenings in the Bahamas! Before social media nestled down here in the islands, the best way to get up to date on important information was by passing along the ‘sip sip,’ or gossip, face to face at church, over a game of dominos, while plaiting straw, or shopping at the fish market.

We still love our sip sip’ and your bartender, concierge, and front desk clerk are truly connected to the Bahamian grapevine. If you really want to feel like a local the next time you visit, make sure to ask for the sip sip’  around town, or connect to our Facebook and Instagram pages to get the local gab on Nassau.

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