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Travel Like a Local on Nassau's Jitney Bus

Mar 05, 2018

How do you get around in your hometown? Here in Nassau we hail the Jitney. This hop-on, hop-off experience is the most entertaining and most economical way to get around the island. The jitney routes allow you to immerse yourself into the local life of a Bahamian. Each route you take will bring you somewhere new and each driver will provide a totally different experience. You’ll learn tons of great information from the drivers and locals.

The word “Jitney” comes from the slang for a nickel, the original cost of a ride on the public bus. Today the Jitney is still the cheapest way to get around the island costing just $1.25 per person and also very convenient, passing by our resort every 5-10 minutes between 6:00am to 6:30pm daily. Hop on the #10 Bus from Sandyport to Cable Beach, the Fish Fry, and Downtown, or hitch a ride on the #12 Bus to get a great view along the coastline. Extend your trip over to Paradise Island by taking the water taxi or ferry boat. Once downtown, walk to the Prince George Dock, where you can then catch a ferry for $4.00 per person.

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